Precision Press Dies

Each of our mould life is 20 million shots.

The main structure of the mold: Korean structure (unloading plate split type, die seat plate pocket type);

Mold selection:
Formwork: pre-hardened steel is used as the base material (substrate hardness HRC28~35), which exceeds the hardness of the common S45C in China, and the surface is hard chrome plated

Handling, durable:
Formwork: The material of ASSAB in Sweden is selected, and it has undergone the ultra-cryogenic + stabilization treatment of the original factory to keep it without deformation for a long time;Punch head: Standard Japanese Kyoritsu EF10 material, other materials can be selected according to customer requirements;
Die:The standard configuration is Japanese Kyoritsu KD20 material, and other materials can be selected according to customer requirements;Guide elements, pins, springs, etc.:Select the original parts provided by Japan MISUMI;Cylinders, universal joints, etc. for switching:Use Japanese KOGANEI original;

Mold main processing:
Formwork: All pin holes and guide post fixing holes of the upper and lower formwork are processed by JG to ensure verticality and hole size, and to ensure that they are consistent with MISUMI standard parts
Interchangeability, customers only need simple replacement when prolonging life;
Template: pin holes, guide posts, guide sleeve fixing holes, and die frame mouth fixing holes are all processed by JG to ensure verticality and size, and to ensure the shape and position
Difference and size tolerance error is within 0.002mm;
Punch mold and concave mold:
The convex mold is processed by grinding, and the concave mold and stripper plate inserts are processed by oil cutting (the parameters of concave mold oil cutting


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